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Friday, January 15, 2010

Mostly Maths

Thanks to our 25 volunteers and 5 teachers, we can provide the boys with more than 200 hours class per week. At Tara, we are working hard for the coming exams in March, that will enable the children to get admission to good schools in Delhi.

This morning, the Tinies are taking their Maths class with Kingsley. Sameer is summoned to the whiteboard, while Lokesh can hardly contain his joy at not being picked:

The Smalls (Rajesh, Kishan and Shyamu) are visiting the doctor for their routine check-up; they have not been followed by our reporter. Apologies to their fans.

The Mediums are doing Hindi with Anuj. Diljoo is correcting his write-up, closely watched by Afrez. Ramu, who still can’t believe he was promoted to the medium group, is fully absorbed in the task of sucking his pen:

The Juniors are doing Maths with Dhira. Conscientious care is being taken by Suraj and Sunil on the exercise. But what are Asif and Rakesh doing, staring at their laps? Could this be some sort of elaborate cheating scheme or is that just the adult’s perpetually suspicious mind?

And the Seniors are doing Maths with Sylvie. One can note the high levels of concentration and, yes, almost, enthusiasm! Sidhu, Jaan, Suman and Javed know that they have to work super hard if they want to have a good chance at the exams:

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