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Friday, April 2, 2010

A big splash

Exams are over. We are waiting for the results. A year of hard work has gone by trying to catch up with the academic levels of the various schools. Now it’s over and stress levels have fallen though the temperature keeps rising. It’s time for kids to cool off. Thanks to our Australians friends Peter Askew and Rilka Macainsh, the company Beyond Business Connections sponsors swim lessons. Children had weekly sessions in April and May plus an intensive week in the end of May.

  But floating properly is not an easy task and requires patience. A few gallons swallowed later, Diljoo starts feeling like a fish in the sea.
  Rajesh has some difficulties despite the whole survival pack!

Staying seated on the pool’s border is at this moment the best option. Indeed, he has some synchronization problems and every time he tries to swim, his legs don’t follow the rhythm and Rajesh sinks dramatically in spite of his heroic efforts.

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