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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Long pants Short pants

Here is the composition of the school teams:
  Laxman Team
Laxman Public School, in Hauz Khas Enclave, admitted Sameer and Lokesh in kindergarten. Asif, in class 6, was stunned by the impressive list of options proposed to the pupils. He looked like he had been given a dessert menu with all his favourite things! After much deliberation and thought he finally chose French class, computer club and roller blading.
  Saint Mary Team
St Mary School in Safdarjung Enclave admitted Shyamu in second grade where he continues to impress everyone with his English and manners. Javed was admitted in class 7 and it was a heart wrenching moment for the vice-principal when he thanked her: “Madam, going to school is the dream of my life”. Javed glows; he is so proud to hang out with the educated children of this prestigious school. He has started learning French and is happily quoting his verbs.
  The Legionary of Saint Paul
Diljoo, who had passed admission tests from 3 prestigious schools, was put on the waiting list each time! No seat was vacant in class 5... Finally, after a stressful period of doubt, a seat became available at St Paul School. Diljoo got admitted in this institution recognized by the British Council. The joy and relief on the face of the child moved everyone around.
  Sarvodya Team
Among the Government schools, Sarvodya Vidyalaya represents a label of quality. These schools are reputed in Delhi for their level of Maths and Sciences. We had a good contact with the Principal of RK Puram, who gave 9 of our children the chance to sit for an admission exam. The school admitted Kishan in 2nd grade, Ramu in 4th grade, Afrez and Rakesh in class 6, Sunil and Suraj in class 7, Suman in class 8, Sidhu and Jaan in class 9.
  Rajesh's case
Rajesh’s energy, that sometimes needs to be channelized, challenged a couple of teachers at Tara. The case of “Mister Rubber Eater” was difficult to solve. How do we apply for him in one of our partner schools without ruining our reputation for at least 16 generations? Seeing other children leave for school while he had to wait at Tara all day long, was cruel for Rajesh and we decided to plead his cause at St Mary School. The Principal, Mrs. Annie Koshi, gave him his chance in a small group, with a dedicated and understanding teacher. Rajesh was admitted in class 2, on a trial period. As you can see in the picture, there is some stress, as Rajesh knows he has to show ability and behave well. But glad to be finally given his chance, Rajesh is now transformed. He behaves himself, wakes up from his nap without moaning and even asks for more homework! A miracle is happening... Rajesh has been touched by the Grace of Saint Mary. Who could have expected this??

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