Tara Homes for Children, NGO for street children in Delhi, India

Friday, July 30, 2010

He made it!

We had left, remember, Rajesh in his trial period at the excellent but demanding Saint Mary's School.
The news is just out: Rajesh, who showed “impeccable behaviour” (come again???) and made rapid academic strides, has finally been admitted in Class 2 for complete education in the language of Shakespeare!
Well done for Rajesh, who has earned his uniform and wears it proudly, and conqueror that he is, strikes a pose bearing the colors of St Mary’s on the terrace of Tara:

(OK, we’ll have to reconsider the size of the shorts!)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Rajesh and the autos

« Auto » is the short form for autorickshaw, those mototaxis that criss-cross Delhi. We are just leaving the doctor who underlined the difficulties for Rajesh to locate himself in space and time. It’s time for an immediate exercise: Rajesh is asked to bring us back to Tara.

The first auto, bad news for us, is dozing. He pleads a technical failure and goes back to the arms of Morpheus (one should not be allowed to disturb people in the middle of their nap!!!):

The second autowallah, wide awake and good-natured, proposes the fare of 60 rupees. Rajesh manages to get us a discount of 10 rupees:

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Election Day

The children are electing their Representative, who will be part of the staff meetings and board meetings for six months.

Here are the posters of the campaign:
  Suraj promises to help the children to « make [their] dreams come true». And he completes this ambitious but maybe a little vague statement by a more concrete commitment: «If something is broken, I will have it repaired ».

On can express doubts about the choice of the photo, which does not really give the impression that Suraj is going to exhaust himself with hard work... But this is the Child’s Choice, and at Tara, we respect that!
  Jaan prefers to advertise his experience and credibility as he has already taken the job in the past.

Cunning, he flatters the small children (he knows that Shyamu, Kishan and Rajesh hold one ballot paper for 3 and he intends to get it) but does not forget to remind that respect is due to older children, which by the way and by an implacable logic leads to his election, as he is himself the oldest candidate.
It’s finally Jaan who wins after a count of the votes tighter than expected.