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Sunday, November 14, 2010


  A Boz is a funny little doll, a wooden alive figurine created by children all over the world, endowed with a personality. « Faithful, devoted and joyful », the Bozes find through internet an adoptive family to whom they are officially handed over and which has to ensure them love and security.

The French artist Lionel Lauret came to conduct a workshop for a few days and extend the Boz family. A nice opportunity to channelize the boiling creativity or our boys, who were given the responsibility to invent new cardboard prototypes, which will be later turned into wood.

Here, the artist reveals the secrets of his work in front of an attentive (but somewhat sceptical) audience :

Off we go, the child is won over, the child starts making.

  Kishan made a Harry Potter Boz. Kishan loves Harry because « he had many problems when he was a child but he became a young strong man ».

Kishan likes magic because it can help these who fight injustice and the « evil people ». Beyond these purely ethical considerations, magic also has a practical aspect since it allows to tidy your room in a second with a wand. But most of all, Harry Potter can fly and this is one of the dreams of Kishan who would love to go to China (!?).

Kishan also strongly needs to surround himself with friends, he has for this reason created a second Boz to keep company to the first one.

Here are the ideas of the others kids:
(Big thank to Lionel and Alliance Fran├žaise Delhi who put us through)

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