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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Where do the stars come from?

Our friends Diane, Bertrand and their daughters Olga, Emma and Paola, dropped us a visit to help us decorate our Christmas tree.

  The children on this day also discovered croissants and other French vienoiseries and happily pounced on them. They had though just taken a very nutritious breakfast based on crushed cereals and Complan. Their ability to ingest sometimes leaves us flabbergasted.

Then Diane asked to the children why did they think, traditionally, a star is put on top of the Christmas tree? Here are their answers:

Kishan : « Because it is the brightest thing in the world »
Rajesh : « Because… errr… there is a star on the tree » (Thank you Rajesh)
Javed : « Because at the time of Jesus, there were no road maps »
Suman : « To show the direction »
Diljoo : « To tell us what is good and what is bad »
Suraj : « Because the stars come from the moon » (?!)
Shyamu : « Because Santa Claus was born in the stars »
Sidhu : « Because Tara is famous! » (Tara means "star" in Hindi, the oscar of the good joke is for Sidhu)

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