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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Shifting Room

The medium children just shifted to room #2. Introduction by Asif, who as you understand quickly is clearly the boss in there. Asif who explains the higher potential of this bedroom in terms of tidiness, as Afrez quickly and discretely gets his wardrobe tidy for the camera. Ramu and Diljoo prefer to bring up the climatic conditions of the room; which are indeed more favorable at the cold season.

The idea here is clearly to draw attention on the dreadful winter that has raged in January over Delhi, with a mercury going down to only 59F° above zero. Atrocious.

On the walls, a decoration based on posters of French grammar... Shimmering color of the marker, stylistic daring of the poster of personal pronouns, refine ambiance that leaves some respite for the eye, here are exposed the decorative basis of room #2.

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bethelorphanage said...

looks nice room, with good boys and nice smiles :)