Tara Homes for Children, NGO for street children in Delhi, India

Monday, March 28, 2011

World full of Order and Beauty

    Taking full benefit from the presence in Delhi of Eliane, one of our French Trustees, we left ourselves drift off by a wave of tidiness at Tara. During 15 days and full time, Eliane drew shelves and cabinets, bought boxes of all sizes, put stickers everywhere. Only the kids managed to remain unlabeled.
Errrr, no, sorry. The kids are now also labeled!

It is a scream that has been cast, a true and brave revolt against the anarchy massively produced by the child. Master piece of this shining revolution, the lobby is henceforth equipped with a clothes stock, ordered by type and size, ready to rescue the forgetful one who has (again) left his sweater at the park or lost his socks God-knows-where. And as they say irrefutably : « If I could tell you where it is, it would not be lost ».
Here, a detail on the shoe racks where children and adults are from now on invited to leave their outside footwear and swap it with an axquisite model of Tara slippers, available in different sizes and shades.

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Ajeet said...

Sidhu i miss you so much yaar