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Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Oil Crisis

Hair and Care, an excellent product when applied with moderation.
(With what??)

Mustard oil, only for alimentary use. Otherwise dirty.
  Tara is not always the fairy tales country of the happy children and the sweet monsters… We sometimes face major challenges, like the one which shook Tara in this month of April: the crisis on hair oil.
At this point, our readers need to know that the child had taken the habit of emptying every morning a whole bottle of hair oil on his head. And to then go to the kitchen to get mustard oil in order to complete the second layer…!
The requests for moderation from the adult having not been converted into actions, we had to step in and impose this draconian, drastic and dramatic resolution:

No more oil on the head.

It is a hurricane that then blew on Tara. What no oil? « But Sir, you do not realize, it is cultural in India, it is our heritage, people will think that our hair is not properly done, we will get punishments from school, we will be expelled, people will throw stones at us in the street, our hair will fall ».

After 13 long days without a single drop of oil, listening to the endless complaints and watching the dying look in the child’s eyes, we have re-legalised the usage of a small quantity of hair oil and other fantasies for the scalp, distributed cautiously by the Night Staff each morning after the shower and a meticulous assessment of the child’s hygiene.
And if ever this story makes you laugh, learn that the children take it very seriously!

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