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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Tara, The Smallest Democracy in the World

Jaan and Suraj recently finished their deputation as Children Representatives and the democratic process resumed its course at Tara. But this time, there was only one seat to fill. On our blog, go over the highlights of this election.

Act 1 – Declaration of Candidatures
Against all expectation, the bright and combative Jaan who was illuminating our staff meetings did not run for this round… And it’s Sunil, whom nobody was expecting, who stood up. Facing him, Javed, who had already held the position in the past.

Act 2 – The Campaign
Sunil played fully on the renewal of the political offer: he was the candidate who had never governed, not corrupted, and brave. He was representing changeover.
His strategy was to please his electoral base with attractive proposals (return of the nap and upgrade of the DVD collection) but at the same time he warned that he would immediately take unpopular measures like a complete rethinking of involvement of the children in the cleaning/tyding process of Tara.
He is posing on the poster with a tie and a pen in the front pocket, ready to handle the hot topics.
[Click on the said poster to see it full screen]

Javed, on the contrary, advertised on his experience and his knowledge of the charge. He was promising less (to the extent that some said he had no program) and was focusing on the core values: justice, solidarity, transparency.
He also made amends for his previous deputation, a bizarre strategy he was advised against by his political advisors but Javed is determined to move the traditional lines of politics.
Relaxed, he is wearing on the poster a pink polo shirt in loosely woven poplin to stay cool under the scorching heat.
[The program of the hellion in details on the click of your mouse]

Act 3 – The electoral debate
A one hour debate in English happened in front of all the children and the staff of tara. Javed scored when he accused Sunil to promise the impossible and to be a dreamer (« The return of the nap at Tara, it’s unrealistic and you know it »). Sunil replied with a smile that, in life, one has to dream. Then each voter could ask one question to the candidates.

Ace 4 – The proclamation of the results
  After the votes counting, victory came to Sunil, beating Javed with only a few extra ballots. According to our surveys, it looks that he has massively benefitted from the support of the electorate of the big children, whereas Javed was acclaimed by the small ones.

Sunil declared after his victory: « I’m laughing because I remember that before, I was a shy boy, I could not even write a letter and here I am now, speaking in English in front of everyone and succeeding to convince ».
It is also to be noted that, for the first time, two blank votes have appeared, probably a message towards the traditional political parties from a part of the electorate, trying to express a vote of protest and could in the future get tempted by extremism! One easily understands here that the first mission of Sunil will be to regive credit to politics.

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