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Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Revenge of the Big Children

Jaan and Sidhu, our two seniors, keep on repeating it: at Tara, the focus is most of the time on the small children but us, Sir,yes us, what about us… ?

It’s true that all the children have been mainstreamed in good to excellent schools after a big effort on bridging the gap with their age group but for Jaan and Sidhu, who have spent too many years far away from any formal school and joined us at the age of 14, we had for the moment only found courses by correspondence and were facing the biggest difficulties to mainstream them in a decent school.

This injustice is now repaired since Jaan and Sidhu (left and right on the photo) just passed their Class 10 exam in English medium through NIOS (Open School). Thanks to their mark sheet, they should soon be mainstreamed in Class 11, in a good formal school recognized by the Government. It’s then at the age of 19 that they will pass their Class 12, not bad for these two children who have hardly been to Primary...

Big up for Jaan and Sidhu, who prove that it’s never too late!

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