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Friday, July 22, 2011

Mohid and Zahid, the New Guys

A sweet memory of how Sameer cuddled Zahid to welcome him at Tara and how this helped the new comer get rid of all his fears and doubts about the home! He discovers with delight the fans and the fridge that keep the enthusiasm (please keep in mind it is 40 degrees these days in Delhi) and he is very excited with the new activities, notably the swimming pool “which is like a basin to wash, but bigger” the new languages are also a big bizarre for him (yet Zahid does not differentiate between French and English) but he is learning them with passion. In-te-gra-tion.

Don’t rely on the cooperative looks of little brother Mohid, who keeps on trying to turn the house upside down! And if his physical power is not the first thing that strikes (kindly give time for Complan to operate), he compensates with quite a strong personality. The king of badmashi still needs to learn to ask before taking, where he would be tempted to simply snatch. He also needs to learn to put down instead of throwing, touching without hurting, passing by without bumping, and most of all stop daring the teenagers who are 4 times bigger than him! Mohid is, clearly, an ordeal sent by the Gods to test our patience and make us become Better People…

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