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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Snaps from the Pool

The weekly Sunday morning pool activity just happened at Tara for the second year. Swimming, yes, you can say it's about swimming, at least to start with! And then the children want to catch each other and the pool (fortunately empty when we go) turns into a big nonsense zone, in fact great fun, benefiting the children as well as the adults.

Kishan and Rajesh, very good in the art of nonsense, try to walk on water.

Lokesh discovers that too much time spent on non-sense makes you forget how to float properly. Which you knew very well last year...

Sikander the newcomer is equipped with double floaters which amuse him... but can't prevent him from drowning like a stone...

Sameer in fighting mode, keeps on swimming as much as he can to develop his muscles (he is 6 girlfriends behind Lokesh).

Anuj, our administrator, comes to have a break between two bills... Sikander clutches to this element of stability...

The pool activity is made possible by our Australian foundation, sponsor and project manager for the second year, special thanks to Rilka our Senior Volunteer who coordinated our 20 unleashed dudes as well as the deserving volunteers who managed to save our reputation !

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