Tara Homes for Children, NGO for street children in Delhi, India

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Zahid and the Plaster

And here we go, it had to happen, we tell you, we repeat you all the time, you have to stop playing brutally. You never listen and now, one fractured wrist, 5 weeks of plaster.
And no Zahid, you don't bargain with the doctor about the 5 weeks.

Here is the moral Zahid understood from this story: "Sirrrr, a plaster, it's like playing the doctor except that it hurts and it lasts too long".
Absolutely, young Jedi.

And it's precisely 5 weeks later that Zahid, restored, climbs on the terrace to administer various care plans to a very very cooperative Sameer!

Friday, November 4, 2011

And we became 20

Two new boys have arrived at Tara :

  Sikander, 6 years old mini-Puck, got to have the company of the priests and sâdhus in his early years and as such he seems to have acquired a literary Hindi, with chunks of Sanskrit which gives him a very special old style charm. Sikander loves to stand on his head to do yoga « Oooooooom Shanti oooooooom » he twitters, delighted. The great passion of Sikander is to open and close doors, cupboards, fridge, drawers, windows… A pleasure that leaves the adult cold, when it does not create a slight irritation. The adult does not get the beauty in the opening of a door. Sikander finds that, really, the adult is unblessed with the sense of poetry.
  Sushil, 10 years old, who seems to be coming out of a catalogue of perfect children, shows quickly that an angel look can sometimes host a punk soul. And why on earth should we eat during the meals? And why vegetables when one can feed exclusively with candies and masticate pieces of plastic? And why should one study when there are so many things which are more exciting to do, like fighting? And one fine morning, big surprise: Sushil who had never really seriously studied anything, decides to tackle the multiplication tables. A few days later, he knows them all! It looks like Sushil keeps a few more surprises, hidden in his sleeve…