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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Becoming a Papa

It all started with a photo: Liz, our former Education Manager, visibly pregnant. We started talking with the small boys about babies, how they come to life and how they grow up. This naturally lead to a discussion where the smalls started thinking about becoming papas themselves…
I will not become a papa because I don’t like girls.
They don't know how to play properly.
  Mohid (superexcited):
I like girls very much! I will be a papa!
I want to be a papa because I want my name to be honored.
I will not become a papa because I’ll be a Scientist and I’ll be very very busy with my work. Children would disturb me when I’ll have to concentrate on my work.
I will become a papa because I want to teach to children. I love teaching.
  Lokesh (a little sorry):
I cannot become a papa because my moustache is not big enough.
I will have a love marriage and I will have children, not more than 4 because they will have to fit in the car when I drive them to school.
I will be a papa with a very small number of children (5 to 6, not more). I will make a robot for them because the robot will have lots of arms like a god and the robot will also turn into a car. That’s in fact why I want to be a papa, for the robot. I think I’ll play with the robot, too.


pardesi didi said...

Ah ah !! Kids have a lot of imagination... always... ah ah... Their reason to be or not to be father are all goods (?!)...
All those kids in Tara seems to be so cute and so sweet so I hope they will have kids too in their future and that cuteness (?) and sweetness gonna live with others generations.ah ah
With loves.

Siva said...

The imagination of the Kids are so good and cute. To be or not be a papa is really funny but I also see great motivation behind it. I want be a Scientist/I want to have a car/ whatever. They imagine a lot and in a very positive way at the same time. Kudos kids.