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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Squad of the Tots

It's high time to introduce you!

The “Peanuts
The new comers. They are still too small or not ready for school, the baby judo class and the complex choreographies of their elders the Cubs! But they have their own teacher who comes every morning to conduct a Montessori class. During one hour, they put the blue eggs in the blue basket, pile up legos and threat wooden pearls and other exciting manual activities which leave them literally exhausted. But with two fully deserved naps a day, they have the time to recover.

Fayum (2 y.o.), Roshan (3 y.o.), Shlok (3 y.o.)

Raj (4 y.o.), Khushboo (2 y.o.), Hussain (3 y.o.) 

The “Cubs
The guys have a ‘Ben 10’ schoolbag. The ladies are more inclined towards Hannah Montana. Every morning, the leave the Peanuts at home, take their lunch box and head for school, the wonderful preschool Santa Maria, an integrated learning environment centred around a marvellous garden where they learn sign language, sports and arts and also how to communicate with gooses and turkeys. In the afternoon, they come back for lunch, sing, dance, practive yoga and baby judo, as well as a vast variety of mischieves until dusk. They go to bed at 7.30pm at the sound of Buddhist chants.

Farhaan (4 y.o.), Manish (5 y.o.), Rinku (5 y.o.)

Vanshika (4 y.o.), Noorie (3 y.o.), Deepika (5 y.o.)

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pardesi didi said...

What a big and nice family !! :)Welcome to the new Tots… that I’ll be happy to meet soon !!
With love to all of the sweet Tots :)