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Monday, April 15, 2013

Back to school

Deepika (Tara Tots)
As the summer (not so) slowly made its way to Delhi, the Boys and Tots went back to school on 1st April. Vishal, who arrived at Tara Boys 6 months ago, had his very first day of school at Saint Mary's in class 1. Deepika, from the Tots Home is now a 'prep' in her last year of Kindergarten at Santa Maria school.

Lokesh (Tara Boys) keeping his cool in case one of his girlfriends is in the area...

and Sameer (Tara Boys) who
doesn't have these kinds of social obligations!

 Vishal (Tara Boys) who worked so hard to earn his smart new uniform!

Congratulations to Hussain, Shlok, Roshan and Raj for completing their first two weeks of school! We say good luck to their professors...

Roshan and Raj (Tara Tots)
Hussain and Shlok (Tara Tots)

For the others, it was back to their friends and their studious evenings!

Shyamu (Tara Boys) doing his homework
Vishal (Tara Boys) showing off his much awaited new backpack

Javed and Ramu (Tara Boys)

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