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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Once upon a time, in a far far away land...

... there were 8 Tots who wanted to hear some stories.

Sidhu (Tara Boys) telling stories to Farhaan and Manish at Tara Tots
They all piled into the castle's own private carriage, and off they went to the land of the Gruffalo.

In the Caterpillar Library, completely captivated, they learnt about how a cunning little mouse tricked the montrous Gruffalo into running away...

Like children all over the world, the Tots quickly fall into the Gruffalo's universe

After each story, an arts and crafts sessions turns the story into reality - the little ones made masks of the gruffalo, except that their gruffalos are "nice monsters", according to Vanshika!

Manish's Gruffalo is a bit more colourful than the rest!
Is this a gruffalo or a well-hidden Deepika?

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