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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Never smile at a crocodile

The regular swimmers of the Pacific Complex swimming pool didn't know what hit them last Sunday when a small army of 13 Tara Boys suddenly invaded the pool, splashing their way through and sneaking up on unsuspecting volunteers.

Rakesh posing on the side of the pool
Sikander, who now swims like a fish

Rilka has returned for Tara's fourth swimming season. This year the boys were fully equipped with muti-coloured shiny goggles, donated by Sebastian Bettiol from the Propulsion Acquatic  Swimming Club in Melbourne, Australia. They were very impressed with Sebastian's muscles; maybe if they practise their swimming with as much dedication they might grow some Sebastian muscle too!

Vinay spent the whole afternoon pretending to be a crocodile, so sneaky!
Vishal, who is still learning how to swim, looking a bit worried...

The boys were very excited and really loved the crazy colours and reflective glass-wear; making them feel like Bollywood stars.

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