Tara Homes for Children, NGO for street children in Delhi, India

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Deer Park promenade

In this overwhelming heat, the only way to get some air is to go for an early morning walk. Last week, our little Tots crew and 8 volunteers all made their way to Deer Park, one of the nicest green areas in South Delhi.

It was a real challenge for the volunteers to keep the little monsters in check after they'd seen the deer!

And even more so once they had found the slides...

Raj, with Vanshika hiding behind him


Piyush was so happy he had to be pried away from the slides

Khushboo in her pretty summer dress!

At least snack time gave us all time to breathe!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Well done Sidhu and Jaan!

We are all very proud of our two very first Tara graduates. Last week, they received their results and discovered that after only a few years of proper schooling, they had passed the Board exams with flying colours, Jaan with 73% and Sidhu with 66%.

Jaan and Sidhu helping out at the Main Tendue event

But what will they do now?

Jaan is currently interning at a French company called Tefal, learning about the corporate world. 

"I am looking forward to join either Political Science Honors or maybe I would like to do a dual course such as Psychology and Political Science honors" he says"I feel like I have won the battle but now I will have many many battles to win and for that I would need your help. It was almost impossible for me to achieve this success especially without doing any formal education..."

Sidhu is taking French classes at the Alliance Fran├žaise and has just applied to Ambedkar University in Delhi.

"I am confused between three courses. I'd like to study either English honors and Journalism, BA Honours with a Major in Social Sciences and Humanities or a BA in Political Science. But I am really interested in political science if I have chance to get it... 90% goes to political science"

Wish them luck now more than ever, your support made these choices possible for them!