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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Welcome, Moumita!

She just reached Tara Tots, she is only 2 and in state of shock... The girls are super excited, delighted to pamper her, the boys simply ignore her on the ground that she won't be able to kick a ball properly before a while... And Moumita? She is wondering how come she has become the center of the universe, all of a sudden!

Welcome Moumita! Hard times are behind, the fun begins now :-)

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Tara Boys Winter Wear Collection 2013

Winter is coming fast to Delhi. Cue lots of excitement as the boys get their winter wardrobes! And some interesting experiments in winter fashion...


Piyush, the youngest Boy
Mohid hip-hop style
Sikander punjabi style
Rakesh tuareg style
But nothing is warmer than the friendhip of an older Boy. From left to right: Sachin, Sunil and Zahid
Sameer and Lokesh, partners in crime for 5 years