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Friday, December 27, 2013

All Smiles with Santa

This year, Santa showed on a Saturday afternoon. The Tara Boys were visiting their neighbours the Tara Tots and here he came, ringing the bell like a mortal. He explained that he came to encourage the good boys and girls. And guess what, all boys and girls were gifted - this in case you doubted that all of them were good citizens!

Santa gifted to the children EXACTLY what they had ordered! Which shows that Santa carefully reads his mail (check out previous post for the letters to Santa).
Here for example: Piyush got exactly the remote car he wanted. Kuddos Santa for the logistics...

Few days later, on an evening, the Tara Boys again visited and again we had Santa coming over. This one was older and fatter -- some children suspect that he could have been wearing a pillow under his coat, but these are just rumours.

Santa explains the principle: gifts are only for good children.
Vishal (Tara Boys) is the first one to be called.

Ramu (Tara Boys, Founding Member)

Moumita (Tara Tots)

Vanshika (Tara Tots)

Lokesh (Tara Boys)

Jyoti (Tara Tots)

Sharwan (Tara Boys)

Noorie (Tara Tots)

Sikander (Tara Boys)

Roshan (Tara Tots)

Rilka (our very first Tara Girl)

Jaan (Tara Big Birds), assisting Santa

Our trainee Heather and Noorie's sponsor Nelly also helped a bit!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Letters to Santa, the 2013 Gold Edition

Vaishnavi (2 years old)

Roshan (4 years old)

Jyoti (6 years old)

Sikander (8 years old)

Mohid (8 years old)

Ramu (13 years old)

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Batmen and Princesses

Thanks to our super volunteers Caroline and Anne, the children make each week new accessories and invent all sorts of stories. This week, with a piece of pink fabric and another piece of black, we get invaded by lots of masked Batmen and crowned princesses.

Here coming out of the workshop (we had to make batches!), as Princesses: Deepika, Vanshika and Jyoti.
As batmen: Manish (quite credible in the role) and Shalu (not convenient the mask with glasses).

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Tara Laundry

At Tara Tots, While the « Cubs » are at school, the group of the « Peanuts » stays at home. After their Montessori class and before leaving to the park, the nannies have found them an educational activity which seems to interest them highly : sort out and fold the never ending flow of clothes coming out of the washing machine.

Khushboo (photo 1) is super happy with the activity while Fayyum (photos 2) struggles with a judo belt… Aayush (photo 3) is specialised in pairing the socks.

Pro-duc-tive they are, even the smaller ones…