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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Tara Summer Camp, Episode 1

Thanks to our partner Decathlon, we are spending 2 wonderful weeks of adventures in Uttarakhand, Northern India.

We took all the Tara Boys and half the Tara Tots — the ones wearing diapers stayed back in Delhi.

On day 1, Boys and Tots were together, then the "big" Tara Boys took a bus and travelled higher for a distant camp.

We stayed between smalls, slightly vexed but since it was the very first time we were in the mountain, we did not sulk for long!

In the beginning, it was girls on one side and boys on the other...
The surrounding, generous nature was requisitioned for artistic productions.
...but it did not last very long! From left to right ; Jyoti, Piyush, Sharwan, Vani, Deepika

Vishal, Sachin, Sherwan, Piyush

Sachin, Manish, Sherwan, Noorie

After this warming-up, we got into real action !

Deepika went first (of course)






And baby Dinesh :

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