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Friday, May 30, 2014

Tara Summer Camp, Episode 3

As the littlies were having their small adventures in the wilderness, the bigger Tara Boys were driven 11 hours away, higher in the mountain to reach their base camp of the Tons river, a high spot for rafting and trekking.

And not for archery. But the child often has his own agenda.

Here opposite: at 6.30 am, jumble of children and ropes. An educational speciality of Uttartakhand...

Little later, discovery of the river. Cold, icy cold. Brave immersion of the child. One has to get ready to handle the mountain stream, we have a rafting activity scheduled!

The child sometimes goes in a regression mode and seems to give up any attempt of bravery!

Zahid trying to convince Arun that no, no, the water is not this cold...
Squadron of the ship’s boys

Opposite: The same Squadron, little earlier, during the briefing. Note that the triumphant look in their eyes is a little less present, slightly eclipsed by the perpective of being taken away by the torrent...

Below: the fear is quickly forgotten.
And most of all, the Tara Boys trekked like pros. The program was including no less than 6 and a half days of walking with transportation of tents, sleeping bags and rations. And 5 itinerant nights. The camp finished on May 30th, after 15 crazy days of adventures that the children will remember for the rest of their life.
Thanks a ton to our sponsor Decathlon who made this dream come true !

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