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Friday, October 10, 2014

Sunday at the Pool

Every Sunday afternoon during summer, the Tara Boys go to Pacific Sport Complex in order to take a dive into its big Olympic pool. Last Sunday at 1:59pm, water from the turquoise pool was completely still. 1 minute later, water jets and splashes were coming from everywhere; the Boys were taking the pool by storm !

Sharwan Arun Ishwar
Piyush Rashid

When the youngest Boys, floaters on their arms, were cautiously evolving in shallow water, the most risk-taking big ones were daring to dive in deep water. Somersaults, back flips, spins: every possible way of diving has been tried out by our little fishes. Piyush and Manish, 6 years old but already a bit hot-headed, didn’t hesitate for a minute to imitate bigger Boys by jumping from the block into the deep pool...

Moment of bravery for Piyush Manish tries to fly it off

And as usual with the Tara Boys, various creations:

Aquatic quartering of poor Sachin

Pool Pin-Up by Sameer
Surfing outside of the water by Vishal  
Drowning of volunteer by... all

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