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Friday, February 13, 2015

Culture refinds the Mind

The Tara Tots with their nannies at Lodhi Garden
The Tara Tots recently went for a cultural outing.
They were quite surprised to see the height of the impressive Qutub Minar. They stated that it definitely touches the sky and decided to try and escalate the venerable monument. But life is not like in the cartoons and the sky could not be touched.
At least not this time...

The car ride was also a great experience for everybody.
After the minaret, direction to Lodhi Garden for a picnic with some snacks. The Tots all of a sudden were more excited about the food for stomach than by the food for thoughts.

Another of these exciting moments of childhood when you feel that you conquer the universe with a packet of potato chips!

Farhaan contemplates the vue from Lodhi Tumb
Agathe, Volunteer at Tara with Dinesh and Shweta
Vaani starting to climb the Qutub Minar

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