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Monday, March 2, 2015

Tara Big Birds in their Nest

The third Tara home has opened on December ! It accommodates our Big Birds, Tara young adults who progressively learn to fly their own wings under our after-care program. Jaan and Sidhu describe below their life at the Nest, a two roomed-flat where they recently moved in.

Jaan and Sidhu
Their living room

When did you settle in your new home?
"We moved on the 4th of December. We had very little belongings but there was a lot of cleaning work to be done because the flat was dirty. We didn't have much equipment for cooking in the beginning so we had our meals at Tara Boys for few days. The Nest is located only at 5 minutes walk from Tara Boys. But life is not as easy as it used to be in Tara Boys ! Now, we have to think about buying groceries, cooking, and cleaning. Sidhu cleans more than me but I do it a bit " (says Jaan)

Do you have someone responsible of you?
« Basanti Maam (the educator who supervises Big Birds program) is responsible of the Nest and she helps us with our studies. We have an individual interview every week with her to speak about our studies, our schedules, our difficulties and she has also an eye on us (laughs)"

Do you have regular visits?
« Our friends come to see us once in a while. Sidhu's friends came for his birthday. It was a surprise at midnight to see them coming to cut his birthday's cake. The oldest boys of Tara Boys come to visit us during evening time or on Sunday when they have free time. We also receive visits of volunteers; in this case we clean the flat perfectly! We make chai (tea) and discuss with them. Sometimes they ask us to speak in French and it's not easy to switch from English to French. »

How do you control your budget?
« We have priorities lists to manage our money. We pay commutation fees, stationeries, hygiene products and clothes by ourselves. Tara, with the help of others volunteers, pay for the food, the rent, water bills, electricity, gas, health care, university fees and equipment for our flat.»

What is your daily routine Jaan ?
« I wake up at 8.30am and I leave at 9.30am (or 10am!!). My classes start at 10.40am. I take a bus until Nehru Place and walk to the university. I finish my classes at 2.30pm and come back to the Nest for lunch or sometimes I don't have lunch. Until 6pm, I give some tuitions at Tara Boys to children studying in class 5 or 6. I help them for their homework in all subjects. On Monday, I have class with Tiphaine maam (a volunteer who studies in JNU University and who helps us in Political Sciences). After that, I cook and clean. Cooking in India takes at least one hour because we don't have ready-made items like in the West ! I go for diner around 9.30pm and afterwards I read the daily newspaper.

And you, Sidhu ?
« Me, I wake up at 8.30am and I'm ready to go to work. I work at French TV channel France 2 until 2pm. I work as a translator in Hindi, English and in French. If they need to book an hotel, a taxi, buy a table, it's also my job. I'm a bit like a journalist ! I have lunch with the team and go to university from 3.30pm to 9pm. I'm in my second year. I passed my last exams with 59% and I am aiming at 60% for the next semester.
On Saturdays and Sundays I go to Alliance Fran├žaise to take French classes. My dream is to go to France next year for my studies. Fingers crossed...
I also volunteer at Tara Boys. Every Thursday evening, I go there to read some stories for small children."

What are you studying exactly ?
« Political Science. It's very good for general knowledge and it helps us understand our fundamental Rights which in India are not known by most people. Our exams will start on the 7th of May. We have to validate both semesters to pass our year. In India, we speak in percentage for exams results. My goal is 60%,I (Jaan speaking) got 49% for the last one. I'm confident I’ll do better this semester!"

Their bedroom

Chief shop

Audrey Hepburn is a good company
for Big Birds

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