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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Amazing toy delivery

The Tots, very proud of their new toys

A sponsor of Tara living in Delhi just donated a shower of toys to the Tara Tots. Our friend is moving out of town soon so she decided to sort out her children’s cupboards... for the pleasure of the Tots !

Raj, our small chef
A car, a cycle, a kitchen, a refill of Lego... there was a lot of excitment when all the items passed through Tara’s front door!

Just sitting and observing the children taking possession of their new toys was a real show :
Anita immediately sat at the piano and Khuhsboo started singing in the mike, to enable the whole world to know that she is The Voice! OK Kushboo you sing very loud, we heard you well, how about a little more singing practice...?
Dinesh rushed to drive the new red and grey racing car. When being asked where he is going, he answered « to CWC* !! »
Aayush did not agree with the destination, he would prefer to go on holiday with the car.
Raj (who has, let us face it, a tendency to be a bit bossy) took immediately possession of the Chef hat and kept everyone in line to serve them a dessert of lego. Roshan found the ice-cream cone in the doll’s tea party and decided to give a lick to each and every of her friends. Our hygienic protests were not considered! Hussein took (semi) control of the hopping ball and everyone had to move aside!

After one hour of total excitement, it was time to leave the toys and start study time.

Hussein and his hopping ball
Roshan is doing big « schluuurps » with her ice cream

* Child Welfare Committee : the bench of magistrate which sends the children to us on behalf of the State.

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