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Friday, May 22, 2015

The collection of good marks

It was the end of the Indian scholar year a few weeks ago and Tara Boys succeeded brilliantly !

Everybody passed and is now ready to move on up to the next class with excellent marks and praise from the teachers. The boys worked a lot and very hard this year so the results bring huge pride not only to the boys themselves but also to the Tara team.

An excitement for the Smalls was hearing about, Manish, 6 years old, in class 1 at St Mary’s School earning the Certificate of Merite for Attendance, Neatness and Regularity in Work... What else ?! He is the laureate of the whole primary school for this price.
Mohid «click on his report if you want to be impressed ! » is in class 2 at Bluebells International, one of the best private schools in Delhi and he has validated his year with an average of 72%. When we compliment him , he replies « I’m happy but next year, my target is 85% ». Ambitious Momo !
For the Mediums, Sharwan, 10 years old, is a nice example of diligence. Arrived at Tara in 2014, he didn’t speak English and was very shy. He finishes his year with 72% in English and 69,2% for annual average. Sharwan can easily speak publicly and doesn’t have any problem for an integration in a group.
For the Teens, Vinay due to multiple health challenges, is studying in class 5 and we are extremely surprised by his first year at Akshay Prati Shtan, a school for children and teenagers with special needs. He had an average of 57,1% for the first semester and 47,8% for the second one. Vinay is so motivated and very very happy to go to school everyday.
Ramu validated an excellent year in class 8 at R.K Puram and for some great news : he has just succeeded for the competitive exam entry at RPVV School, one of the best Governmental Schools of Delhi. Ramu prefers Mathematics and he is doing well with languages. He gave us the proof validating 86% in Sciences and 76% in Hindi (good performance for someone who doesn’t have Hindi as native language).
Shyamu «Click on this image», 13 years old and he is also at St Mary’s School. His report speaks by itself. No need to see the results to understand that Shyamu is a pleasant student, always smiling and motivated—and who wants to be a...boxer ! We don’t have any doubt : he is appreciated by his teachers. Shyamu is also learning French at school and he is doing very well.

Congratulatioooons guys, you are working hard and your results are well-earned. Enjoy your holidays and be ready to start off the next school year with the right foot !

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