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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

A sporty morning at Decathlon

Early morning sporty awakening
Souvenir photo with Decathlon team

All Tara Boys and some Tara Tots were invited at Decathlon for a morning packed with fun and sporty activities for the Annual Foundation Day.

There was big excitement to play football and cricket but also to participate in a treasure hunt inside the store
The children exerted themselves from 7AM to noon and tried new sports unknow to some of them (like scooter, biking, rollerskating...)

Every child went back to Tara with a beautiful flask and « Decathlon Forever » team, the winner of the treasure hunt received a basket ball. Congrats Boys, you were the only one able to fold up the tent in less than 3 minutes ! Thanks to the last summer camp and your good memories...

Thank you so much Decathlon for your regular support with Tara and for this nice half- day spent with your wonderful team in Noida !

Team game in the store
Biking introduction for Ramu

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