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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Welcome to Tara Girls

Tara opens its fourth home, the much expected Tara Girls.

Basanti, a graduate from Science Po and a social worker, came all the way from France last December to join us with one goal: opening Tara Girls by the end of the year. Mission accomplished!
After several months of intensive building scooting and various unexpected surprises, we finally found the haven of peace where Tara Girls will be located.
The home is situated in a quiet, residential, pleasant and green area in South Delhi, close to the other Tara Homes. It is an independent house facing a beautiful park.
The home is made of 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, a kitchen, an office, a dining-room. Also a lot of storage space (you have no idea, dear reader, how badly we need to store things in a children’s home!). Last but not least: a huge roof top – which makes all the difference because 20 children, as we know by experience, “produce” daily a huge load of wet clothes to be put for drying.

Tara Girls from the street
TV and reading room
We love the staircase!
Beautiful view from the balcony of the dining-room

After some renovation work, we got the key on August 1st. On the same day, we shifted all the donations received over the last months and stored at Tara Boys. Everybody at Tara Boys took their part in the operation.
We would like to again thank the families who donated their furniture, and household items for Tara.

Rohit and Manoj lifting boxes
Sharwan with the games

Tara Girls will start with a small group of 4 girls only. After a few months, once the first group will have settled down, we will gradually admit more girls until we reach the capacity of 20. This is also how we proceeded when we opened Tara Boys in 2008 and Tara Tots in 2012. Generally, the homes are quickly taken to their maximum capacity!

Basanti has already assembled a part of her team:
Hasina joined on 1st July, she is the Child Welfare Officer of Tara Girls.
Nitin, already with us, will be the administrative manager and will divide his time between the 4 homes. 2 lady night staff are also appointed and ready to start, 1 nanny (trained at Tara Tots), 1 cook and 1 cleaning person.


We are all set to start and waiting for the judicial order to be signed by the concerned authority, enabling us to officially take the responsibility for our first 4 Tara Girls...

    Tara Girls Home, generously supported by Alstom Foundation grant.

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