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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Javed: a heart of gold

Our Tara Big Bird Javed had a heart operation on 17th August. Right after coming back to Tara, he answered our questions.

Heart problems are rare at your age. How did you find out ?
"I used to faint and I had some breathing problems. I also experienced blackout once in a while."

So what did you do ?
"It happened at school so I went to see the nurse. She found my pulse rate below average. I went to Max Hospital to see a cardiologist and I learnt that I had a severe sinus bradychardia. I went through many tests and eventually they decided to go for a pacemaker. It is a small machine which balances pulse rates and controls breathing."

How long you need to keep your pacemaker?
"For life. But the battery has to be changed every 8 or 10 years."

How was the surgery? The medical staff?
"I don’t know about the surgery because I was unconscious for a long time. The staff and doctors were very kind and supportive. They took good care of me and explained about every medical procedure. I was hospitalised for 5 days."

Did you have some friends or family who came to see you to the hospital?
"I had all the support of Tara, staff and volunteers. My school friends regularly paid me visit. My family also came to see me and showed concerns regarding my health. Basanti Maam (manager of Big Birds) has been constantly running to the hospital for my appointments and surgery."

Are you feeling good today?
"I’m good. I take my medicines and my food on time but I still feel weak and drowsy most of the time. Within a month I would be able to be regular on my schooling and normal schedule. I just feel like moving around and be on my own world. I feel like a new born baby who needs support and being carried. Instead of going back directly to Tara Big Birds, I was advised to get back to Tara Boys for a week so that I can be looked after and supervised on my medications and diet. I feel the connectivity and the enthusiasm amongst Tara Boys about my illness and they are very supportive!"

Do you want to add something?
"I want to thank Tara and Max Foundation who have been treating my illness right when it occurred, otherwise it could have been worsened a lot in the future."

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