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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Cooking competition at Tara Girls

Kamal and Noorjahan
Noorie and Deepika

Just over a month ago, the Tara Girls launched the contest Super Talented Girl. Once a month, a challenge is organized, and the girls have to show off their talents!

The first challenge was a drawing contest on the theme of the planet and the environment. The girls had to draw, within a time limit, their ideas on this theme and then explain their work to the jury, which was made up of the whole team working at Tara Girls. Noorjahan brilliantly showcased her drawing, which allowed her to win the competition.

The second challenge of Super Talented Girl competition was a culinary one! Our aspiring Master Chefs had to prepare Paapdi Chaat (a salad with a yogurt base) and a Bhel Puri (a rice salad with vegetables) and submit their creations to the judges.

Rather than tell you their progress ourselves (and especially, reveal the name of the winner), we preferred to hand over to Jyoti who told us how everything went (note that the interview was conducted in English and Jyoti performed beautifully!
She has made immense progress:

Do you all cook at Tara Girls?
"Yes, on Saturday we cooked vegetables. We love to cook, especially desserts. We made cookies and chocolate mousse. It was good!"

Can you tell us about the Super Talented Girl cooking challenge?
"We prepared Paapdi Chaat and Bhel Puri, savoury dishes with tomatoes and onions. Noorie won the competition. Everyone (the girls and the judges) tasted what each girl had made. The Ma'ams had to taste them twice because some dishes were very similar. They then went into another room to decide who would win. I thought it would be Noorjahan, and others thought that Noorie would be the winner. They were right! Anyway, we had fun!"

Why do you like cooking?
"I like it a lot when we train in the kitchen, because you can make and learn everything. When we are adults, we will be able to cook for our families."

What do you like to cook?
"For dessert I like cooking cakes. Cherry cake, chocolate cake or cream cake. And savoury dishes; I like making pasta with massala (a spice widely used and favoured in India) or salads with onions, tomatoes and vegetables."

The next Super Talented Girl challenge will focus on the geography of the world!

Who will be the next winner?

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