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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Tara Big Birds: the takeoff of three young men!

In their own apartment and newly acquired independence, the Big Birds recently welcomed a new guest! Rakesh moved from Tara Boys to Tara Big Birds on the 24th of June and is now intensely studying for his board exam; Sunil worked for the holidays and applied for a Bachelor in Social Work; and Javed is now a hard-working and invested employee in Decathlon! Here is some of their feedback on freedom and responsibilities in Tara Big Birds, their past holidays and plans for the future …

Summer holidays are ending now, how did you spend them?
Sunil: "I went to the French Farm in Haryana and was doing farming there; I didn’t like this job because it was tough and demanded very hard work. My employer was not giving me any rest and scolding me unnecessarily without respect, so I quit. Then I started working for Tara."

What did you learn from this experience?
"I learnt how the farm works, how they produce, what kind of food to breed animals with. At least through this practical learning I know that I don’t want to work in a farm. Then in Tara, I helped Bimal (Tara Girls’ cook), assisted the administration staff and also worked as a driver, since I got my license two months ago! I was running everywhere since there were a lot of things to do but I liked it.
I also went home and spent time with my family in my native village. I was very happy to meet my family but I don’t like this place so much. Still, everybody was very proud that I passed my board exam!"

Was the board exam difficult?
"Yes! It is very competitive; unlike what we are used to in school exams. And the grades are important for our studies. Luckily I got 64% and thus passed!"

Javed: "I am working in a French Sports Company called
Decathlon as a sports advisor.
I advise the customer for the right sports products and explain
them about the benefits of each of them.
I also manage the delivery of our products to customers.
I learn a lot about management and the importance of the
customer’s satisfaction."
How did you get this job?
"I got this job by myself after going through a hard physical
test and interview."

Do you like your job in Decathlon?
"Yes, I like this job: it is very demanding in terms of time, energy,
knowledge and skills, but related to my passion for sports.
We also play different sports once we are done with our work.
The work environment here is best. Our integrity is respected."

Rakesh: "First I worked in Tara as an assistant accountant,
and after work I was studying. I was following up with the
logistics and accountancy: purchasing goods for Tara,
checking the bills, learning the procedure to take note of
every input and output of money...
Then on 10th of June I went back to my village for
my brother’s wedding, I had a lot of fun and I also helped
at home. When I returned I shifted to TBB.
In the beginning I was having some problems with
managing the shifting, moving all my stuff and
leaving the boys!
I started school a few days ago and I was happy to
meet friends; my teacher scolded me because she
missed me a lot, but she was happy to hear that now,
as a Tara Big Birds, I have a phone number and can be reached directly!"

You are preparing for the Board Exam this year, how do you feel about it?
"It scares me because I have to score a lot to get admission in a good college, I have to study a lot."

So how do you organize your days now that you have more independence?
"I wake up at 4, then I study, cook my breakfast and I take my bus to school. I come back from school at 3 or 3.30 depending on the traffic and I go studying in TB. And when I go back home in the evening there are some chores to do, cleaning and cooking that we didn’t use to do on a daily basis in TB!"

How is life in Tara Big Birds? Are you facing any difficulties? How do you handle your new responsibilities?
Javed: "Everything is best in TBB. We are very fortunate to be connected with Tara and supported even after we are young adults and given more opportunities to study further and explore other options for our life."

Sunil: "I was used to grow up with a lot of boys around me,
the feeling of loneliness is a little tough sometimes.
Managing everything can also be difficult, but it probably
takes some time to settle…
And I am happy that Rakesh moved in; as Javed works quite
far away I am glad to find a new company.
Maybe Rakesh can also help me in mathematics too,
he has different skills than me!
As we are expanding, we are now thinking of establishing
a planning of tasks, since we now have to do
all the duties by ourselves.
Tara is helping us in supporting the costs of the rent, our groceries,
our health care and school expenses, but we have to take care
of the housework all by ourselves, and the more people live here,
the more work there is!"

Do you miss Tara Boys?
Rakesh: "I am missing Tara Boys a lot, but especially the boys themselves, I don’t have so much time to visit them anymore and they really are like my small brothers so I do miss them a lot."

Javed: "Yes I do miss Tara Boys, specially Boys as I used to be one of them and now I am living separately. I was served in Tara Boys and I had to do nothing apart from my studies but now I am by my own managing different things in life…I would love to pay more visit to them but due to my new job it is hard to manage my time and go and see them."

What are your plans for the future?
Sunil: "Right now I am looking for colleges, I want to do a Bachelor of Social Work and work in the field of environment protection and health; I want to be involved in social work, but in other fields than children! Currently Rahul (Volunteer in Tara) is helping me to fill the online forms and applications according to what my interests and options are."

Rakesh: "I want to work in accountancy, after my board exam. Maybe next summer I can do an internship. Before that I have to dedicate myself fully to studies!"

Javed: "My future target is to get admission in a reputed Delhi College and study Tourism Management and French language, which interest me and will enable me to settle in life."

United in Tara Big Birds’ spaceship into the world of grown-ups, our young gentlemen delight by the diversity of their professional ambitions. Holidays have been rich in experiences and the Big Birds are now three ruffling their wings and pointing their noses out of the nest…

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