Tara Homes for Children, NGO for street children in Delhi, India

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

A new heart for Vinay

After long delays, we are thrilled today to announce that Vinay’s operation took place on the 12th of August at Max Hospital. In January, a cardiologist from Max Hospital detected a missing pulmonary valve which endangered Vinay’s life. The valve replacement (also called keyhole surgery) was recommended as a lifesaving operation for Vinay.

This procedure is extremely new in India; actually Vinay is the first patient to benefit from this technology in all of whole North India! It is less traumatizing and risky than an open heart surgery, and is why we decided to wait despite the multiple delays for the valve’s delivery, so that Vinay could benefit from the most up to date technology available.

On 10th of August, Vinay was admitted to Max Hospital after the long awaited valve arrived. His operation went perfectly fine on 12th of August and Vinay was able to rest in his own bed in Tara Boys a few days after the successful operation! Follow up tests conducted in Max Hospital show that the new valve is working perfectly and that Vinay’s body is adjusting well too.
A huge THANKS to all of you who supported us and made this operation possible!

Vinay’s happiness and healthiness is the best result from these long weeks of waiting and all our gratitude goes to our wonderful sponsors during the journey. We hope that many others in North India will soon benefit from this new technology.

Due to his multiple disabilities, Vinay needs to fly his own wings in an adapted environment, which a program like Tara Big Birds is not able to provide him. Once recovered, Vinay (now 18 and aged out of Tara Homes) will therefore be welcomed by the NGO Muskaan, which provides vocational training, employment and harnesses the abilities of young adults with a specific daily care for their special needs. We want to express our admiration for Muskaan’s remarkable work and we are convinced that its team will give Vinay all the tools to flourish!

Monday, August 22, 2016

Mr. Ambassador visits TARA

On June 24, 2016, Tara had the great pleasure in welcoming Sir Alexandre Ziegler, French Ambassador to India. For the event, all the children gathered in Tara Girls where Schweta (Tara Tots), Noorie (Tara Girls), Shyamu (Tara Boys) and Pascal (Executive Director) welcomed his Excellency and gave him a tour of the Home.

The Ambassador spoke about how he was a young boy when he decided to become a French diplomat and urged them to believe in their dreams. The children were at first overwhelmed by His Excellency but finally gained the confidence to ask some questions. Sikander (Tara Boys)) asked the Ambassador how he felt when he was appointed French Ambassador to India and shared his pride as he also knows the joy and responsibilities of representing the community which chose him to serve as a Child Representative in Tara Boys

At first overawed, the children finally gained confidence to ask their burning questions. Mr Ambassador remembered being their age when he decided to become a diplomate and exhorted them to believe in their dreams and projects. Sikander (Tara Boys) asked Mr. Ambassador how he felt when he was appointed French Ambassador in India and both shared a strong feeling of pride, since Sikander (former Child Representative in Tara Boys) knows the joy and responsibilities of representing the community which chose him! Shyamu, newly elected Child Representative as Sikander’s successor in Tara Boys, questioned the Ambassador about his feelings of such significant responsibilities, to which his Excellency replied that the trust he had in his team allowed him to share these responsibilities and calmly deal with them. Noorjahan (Tara Girls)then asked if he liked his job; a smile accompanied the positive answer of the Ambassador who said yes and shared with the children that he had wanted to work in India for many years. The Ambassador asked the children if they would like to be an Ambassador someday prompting several enthusiastic “MEs!” in the room.


The children later talked about their activities, values and rules in Tara Homes with the Ambassador. They praised the resolution of conflicts through speech and non-violence and the Ambassador reacted by stating “that is exactly what my job is!” He praised Tara’s guidelines and rules and told the children that “following the rules makes you a strong person”. Before leaving, the Ambassador shared his joy at the feeling of being “at home” in Tara and expressed his joy to have made Tara one of his first visits in India. His last words to the group were the resounding support of the French Embassy for Tara Homes.