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Friday, October 14, 2016

Soni's fairy-fingers

Soni, 10 years old, Tara Girl since 30th of March 2016, was able to undergo a surgery which will bring fundamental changes to her life. Burnt when Soni was a baby, her left hand had grown disharmoniously.
This particularity made the life of the little girl difficult and hindered her self-confidence. Thanks to her right hand and her agility, Soni could sometimes make everyone forget the difficulties she encountered because of her hand! However, when Safdarjung Hospital suggested a plastic surgery for Soni, she was restless with intertwined impatience and apprehension until the surgery’s date.

Soni was admitted to the Burns Ward of Safdarjung Hospital on 17th September 2016. The contractures formed due to her post burn deformity were removed from her left hand and a skin graft from her thigh was placed to fill the gaps.
For a whole week, Tara Girls’ staff took turns to be with Soni 24/7 and support her in this painful experience for which she showed a great courage.
Soni will have to wear a splint for 6 months and undergo physiotherapy sessions as soon as the plaster from her arm and the bandage from her thigh will be removed. Meanwhile, armed with an oversized plaster, Soni has an incredible new asset for the Tara Girls’ self-defence classes …
We would like to adress all our gratitude to our sponsors: Safdarjung Hospital and Engie Foundation who made Soni’s surgery possible.

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