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Monday, May 8, 2017

Sunil steps out of the nest!

« I have spent only good moments at TARA and met amazing people. Pascal Sir really is a model for me, I am extremely grateful for what all he did for me. I try my best to follow his footsteps because it is very important that he is proud of me. It is impossible for me to define TARA in one word because it would not be accurate enough to sum up the eight years I have lived there. TARA is fantastic, magic and awesome at the same time…

I am proud of what I have become. TARA gave me important values which helped me become someone good. When I look at young people around me, I realize that many of them are not caring and kind, that they speak in a rude manner and like to party and to spend their parents’ money too much. As far as I am concerned, today I want to have a job and make a living.

My family is very proud of me as well. I come from a very small village in India where I am the only one to have studied. I became a role model for the community. »

This is how Sunil, now a young man of 20, speaks of his years at TARA and the new life which awaits him.

We still remember his first days in TARA, 8 years ago: his Hindi was hesitant and his English non-existent. He could barely read and write.
When TARA welcomed him, he benefited from a personalized tuition program which allowed him to be enrolled in school in class 6.

Since then, he has come a long way, learnt English and good manners and passed his 12th grade exam. He now works as a maintenance manager in a real estate agency specialized in housing for expatriates. He likes his job a lot and is eager to learn always more. He is in charge of carrying out the inventory of goods and checking that everything is working correctly.
In the beginning, it was not easy to take into account the requirements of his foreign clients but Sunil is now a confident young man who learnt how to get organized and assume his responsibilities. He manages a team of two people and his superior is very satisfied with his work.

He has just found a new flat which he will share with two friends. He will soon move in and leave the nest of the Big Birds for good! Exciting and tricky at the same time, the transition is not an easy step for Sunil… Even if TARA will always remain present in his heart, it is time for him to start his new life.

Sunil is the example of the impact that you, sponsors, have on a lasting change of lives. Your support gives the keys to TARA children to flourish and choose the future they deserve.

Spread your wings Sunil! The whole TARA team is very moved and proud to see you become a gentleman.

TARA, wish upon a Star