Tara Homes for Children, NGO for street children in Delhi, India

Monday, June 12, 2017

New school admissions for all the children

Education has been central to TARA’s model since it first started working on child protection in Delhi - when its first home for boys opened its door in 2008.

We strive to send every one of our children to the best possible schools for them – not an easy challenge, given that seats in good schools in Delhi are in very high demand (many parents put their children’s names down for school as soon as they’re born as competition is so high).

Until recently, some of TARA’s children remained in government schools, relying heavily on TARA’s in-house afternoon study programme to bridge any gaps which may come from poor quality teaching at school (one of the girls did not see her teacher for the whole of last year). We are thrilled to share that as of this month (the start of the 2017-2018 school year in India) every single one of the TARA children has now found a seat in a top private school, studying in English medium! This is a huge achievement for us and the result of many months of hard work by the staff, who have been busy identifying new schools, meeting principals and liaising with the Department of Education and even the High Court to ensure that every child is in the best possible school.

For some children in TARA Tots’ Home, the next school year will see their first steps ever in a school and they already received their new uniforms, which they wear proudly! We are glad that the bases of their education will be taken care of in these quality institutions. The elder children in TARA Girls and TARA Boys, who could not have been mainstreamed before in schools which would allow the full development of their potential, studied for months to prepare the entrance exams of their new schools. We are proud of their determination and success.

Thanks to the support and commitment of our whole team (staff, volunteers, sponsors…), all TARA children will now have access to the same level of quality education and their future looks even brighter with this latest development!

Though the hard work is far from over… The children will need a lot of support to catch up with their peers, especially with their English skills, so afternoon tuitions will be essential in helping them adjust to their new school environments. And whilst some of the schools give free or subsidised places to children from poorer backgrounds, for others high school fees have to be raised.

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